Windows 11 Gaming Performance Best Features [MADE FOR GAMERS]

Microsoft official expresses that the new Window 11 will deliver the best gaming experience to every gamer. They told in details that they are working to provide the Windows 11 Gaming Performance Best Features by keeping in mind three main gaming feature and pillar of every game which is greater graphics, incredible speed, and an incredible variety of games.

Windows 11 Gaming Performance

Windows 11 Gaming Performance Best Features

Windows 11 have AutoHDR feature, DirectStorage, and Xbox Games Pass integration makes your whole gaming world at your fingertips by having a subscription plan.

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Windows 11 Made for Gamers

Microsoft is launching its new version of Windows at the time of holidays this year. As per Microsoft Chief Product Officer, he claimed that this Windows 11 is made especially for Gamer and if you are a gamer then this is for you”.

Does Windows 11 improve gaming performance?

Let's discuss the three pillars of games

  1. AutoHDR: "superior graphics"
  2. DirectStorage: "amazing speed"
  3. Xbox Game Pass: "incredible selection of games"

 AutoHDR: "superior graphics"

Windows 11 AutoHDR feature for extra richness graphics. It was initially introduced in March this year into the Windows Insider builds. It enhances high dynamic range (HDR) to a standard dynamic range (SDR) game, so long as it was made using DirectX 11 or advanced. 

Windows 11 AutoHDR feature

By using this feature games rendering an extra level of bright colors. AutoHDR is giving an extra sense of richness and depth to the image.

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It is to be noted that AutoHDR is the first feature that was first introduced into the Xbox Series X/S consoles and now coming straight into Windows 11.

DirectStorage: "amazing speed"

DirectStorage is one more feature announced with the newest consoles and leverages the power and performance of NVMe SSDs.

Windows 11 DirectStorage feature will only available to Windows 11.

Xbox Game Pass: "Incredible selections of Games"

The final thing which should be discussed about the Xbox game Pass. Xbox App is fully integrated with Windows 11 and if you have a subscription plan then you will have instant access to the Windows 11 Xbox Game Pass library from your PC.

Windows 11 Xbox Game Pass

In the Xbox app, you will also access hundreds of Android Apps with a fully new user interface UI. The gaming side of Window 11 is more attractive and interests that affect every game lover.

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