How Estonia startup visa can help international entrepreneurs?

 Estonia's startup visa is a program designed to help international entrepreneurs establish and grow their businesses in Estonia. The program allows entrepreneurs from outside the European Union (EU) to come to Estonia for up to 18 months to establish and develop their startups.


To be eligible for the visa, entrepreneurs must have a viable business idea and a committed co-founder who is an Estonian resident. Additionally, entrepreneurs must have a minimum of €16,000 in seed funding and a valid business plan.


Once the visa is granted, entrepreneurs have access to Estonia's business-friendly environment, which includes a digital infrastructure, a highly-skilled workforce, and a supportive startup ecosystem. They also have access to mentorship and networking opportunities through Estonia's startup community.

Furthermore, Estonia offers e-Residency which is a government-issued digital identity that provides access to Estonia’s e-services and allows you to establish and manage a location-independent business online. This enable entrepreneurs to establish a company and sign documents remotely, and access banking and payment services, which makes it easy to handle banking and finances while not physically in Estonia.

In summary, the Estonia startup visa provides international entrepreneurs with an opportunity to establish and grow their businesses in a supportive and business-friendly environment. E-residency program on top of that allows for more flexibility and ease of setting up and managing their business remotely.

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